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Video bloggers
Take off your video blog yourself, without unnecessary hassle
Shooting lovers
Open your potential in photo and video with our products and services
Online Store
All for mobile shooting in one place
Only the best
In our store we have the most necessary, the best original products from the technological leaders of the industry
We are the official dealers of companies whose products are presented in our store
Designer of goods and services
A special designer allows us to assemble an individual set of goods and services of our services in one place, without wasting time
In our shop there is a department of diagnostics and service of all our goods
Online School
Comprehensive knowledge for all levels, about the stages of video production
Mobile shooting for beginners
A set of video lessons and articles on: equipment for mobile photography, work with equipment, necessary knowledge before the shooting, important technical aspects, subtleties and techniques of mobile shooting with our equipment
Pre-production stage
A complex of video lessons and articles about all the subtleties and nuances of preparation for the shooting period. Creation of a director's script, a production plan, mise-en-scene schemes and storyboards
Production stage
Video lessons and articles about working on the set with and without the team. Misassatisfaction, work with the camera, sound and other necessary skills of the cinematographer
Post-production stage
Video lessons and articles about all the stages of work with the footage. Preparing the material for editing, directing the cut in Premiere Pro, working with sound, color correction in DaVinci Resolve and finishing the project
Post-production platform
Providing remote post-production services for video content
Services for editing video content on the terms of reference in a compressed time frame
Sound design
Providing voice, sound and video services for your video
Color correction
The color correction of the original images of your video content in DaVinci Resolve
Production of DCP, hardware and Internet versions of your video content with maximum preservation of the original quality
Our views
We create a new approach to sales and services
A few years ago, while studying in the school for filmmakers, we noticed that there are almost no shooting practice for novice directors. In order to shoot a simple sketch or film they need to assemble a whole team, put a lot of money out of their own pocket and spend a lot of energy and nerves on the shooting.

After talking with film schools, the association of cameramen and cameramen, we realized that we need to help develop young directors, cameramen, filmmakers

A set for mobile photography can become an indispensable tool for development, a knowledge base and a set of services that will help to reveal and realize the potential

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